Prayer timing not available

Dhuhr & Asr 15 minutes after Athan

Maghrib 5 minutes after Athan


Jumua Khutba


Membership Drive
Registration of New and qualified Members of NHIC resumes immediately.
Registering officers would be outside the Men’s Musallah on a set table on Fridays after the first Jumu’ah and on Wednesday after Maghrib prayers, InShaa Allah.

Prayer Time Changes
Starting Saturday, April 13th onwards, Iqamah will be after Athan by the specified number of minutes below.

– Fajr +20 mins
– Duhr +15 mins
– Asr +15 mins
– Maghrib +5 mins
– Isha +15 mins
For example, if Fajr Azan is at 5am, then the Iqamah will be at 5:20am and so on.
Prayer times will no longer be announced. However, they will be automatically updated on our website  and digital wall clocks in the Masjid.
PLEASE NOTE: Apps and websites will have a slightly different timing; therefore, please plan on arriving a few minutes ahead of time.


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Our Vision

About us

The New Haven Islamic Center (NHIC) started as a small congregational prayer location for University of New Haven’s students in 1978 and evolved to host and serve the community since the 1980s. NHIC has always maintained open doors to all community members from around the world and enjoys congregants from over 100+ nationalities! We strive to offer our community members and Muslims in the New Haven area a place to not only pray but also to invest in themselves and their children by learning and practicing Islam. NHIC has also fostered an environment where families have met and formed a strong bond in what started as a foreign place to them away from home but turned into their new home. Regardless of what challenges life might throw at you, come in and let us provide you with the support you and your family need to prosper in this life and the hereafter.

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Daily Congregational Prayers

Speeches (Khatira) throughout the week

You can make a difference!

The NHIC is continuously growing because of your generous donations. We need more funds to complete our projects including building maintenance, parking upkeep, classroom renovations, etc. The future of your children and this community lies in your hands.

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If a Muslim spends his/her wealth with a sincere intention of helping his brother, then surely Allah (SWT) will reward him/her in abundance.

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