Prayer Timings - 21 May. (20 Shawwal)

Fajr03:54 AM04:15 AM
Sunrise05:28 AM
Dhuhr12:49 PM01:04 PM
Asr04:47 PM05:02 PM
Maghrib08:10 PM08:15 PM
Isha09:44 PM10:00 PM

Dhuhr & Asr 15 minutes after Athan

Maghrib 5 minutes after Athan


Jumuah Timings

1st Jumuah 01:00 PM
2nd Jumuah02:00 PM


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Mask Mandate Update

Face coverings are recommended. Click here to read more

Annual Donation Event

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Ramadan Announcements

Updated on April 29th

Eid Al-Fitr

• Place: New Haven Islamic Center Plaza’s parking lot (weather permitting).
• Date: Monday May 2nd, 2022.
• Takbir: 8:00am
• Prayer: 8:30am. Please bring your own prayer rug.
• Food: Marco Polo will be selling Breakfast Buffet.
• Parking: On designated areas around the Plaza. Please follow the volunteers’ directions.
• Kids Eid Gift Gift bags will be distributed to our community kids. The bags are prepared by sister Maryam and volunteers from NHIC school teachers and students.

Ramadan Fundraiser 2022

The Fundraising Committee is kicking off the annual Ramadan fundraiser for NHIC.
In shaa Allah, it will be held on Friday, April 29th after Isha (the night of the 29th of Ramadan). The goal is to raise at least $70k which will go towards repair and renovation of the exterior of the building and minor repair to the second half of the parking lot (UrbanAir side).
There are several options to donate:
• You can text to 203-439-5557 and write the word DONATE followed by the amount you want to donate. Example: DONATE 20 to donate $20 or DONATE 50 to donate $50, …etc. Don’t type “$” sign with your amount.
• You can donate on our website:
• You can put your donations in an envelope and drop the envelope inside the donation box inside the masjid. Don’t forget to write the purpose of the donation on the envelope.
• You can use the credit card machines provided at the Masjid.
Please don’t forget to add a “Memo” for the purpose of the donation.


If you want your Zakat-al-Fitr money to be distributed by NHIC, you can donate it via the above mentioned donation methods. This year’s Zakat-Al-Fitr amount is $12/person. If you know someone who is eligible to receive the Zakat money, you can text the information to: 812-727-8183.
Please include the name and phone number for the person/family who is eligible so that we can contact them to deliver the Zakat. All information is kept in confidence.

Other Announcements

  • Youth Halaqah is canceled until post-Ramadan
  • Not feeling well or not sure about it, STAY HOME! We have worked hard to reopen the Masjid and remove masks, let’s not jeopardize our progress.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult and must remain under their supervision at all times.
  • Please follow the volunteers’ directions. They are there for our safety. For the sisters, sister Huda El-Sakka is a member of NHIC’s staff and sisters should help her and follow her instructions.
  • Absolutely no food or drinks in any Musalah except for water.
  • Masjid cleanup this Sunday March 27th starting 10am. Join us to prepare our Masjid

Our Vision

About us

The New Haven Islamic Center (NHIC) started as a small congregational prayer location for University of New Haven’s students in 1978 and evolved to host and serve the community since the 1980s. NHIC has always maintained open doors to all community members from around the world and enjoys congregants from over 100+ nationalities! We strive to offer our community members and Muslims in the New Haven area a place to not only pray but also to invest in themselves and their children by learning and practicing Islam. NHIC has also fostered an environment where families have met and formed a strong bond in what started as a foreign place to them away from home but turned into their new home. Regardless of what challenges life might throw at you, come in and let us provide you with the support you and your family need to prosper in this life and the hereafter.

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The NHIC is continuously growing because of your generous donations. We need more funds to complete our projects including building maintenance, parking upkeep, classroom renovations, etc. The future of your children and this community lies in your hands.

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If a Muslim spends his/her wealth with a sincere intention of helping his brother, then surely Allah (SWT) will reward him/her in abundance.

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