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Jumuah Announcements

(Friday Sermon) Please remain seated after the prayer to hear the announcements.


Scan our QR codes when you visit us to join one of our WhatsApp groups.

The “Official NHIC Announcement” group is only for NHIC officials to communicate announcements with you. Community members are not allowed to post on this chat.

The “NHIC Community Connect” group is open for our community to post anything there was so long as it is appropriate. Any derogatory, slanderous, or messages that are un-Islamic in nature will be deleted from the group. Acceptable announcements could be of newborns, Janazah, looking for a job, or something to donate.


We strongly recommend that you subscribe to WhatsApp and/or Facebook as they are the most effective methods to reach many people instantaneously (for example: activities cancellations, meeting date or time changes, Janazah notices, etc).

If you change your email address or phone number, you will need to re-subscribe where applicable.