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254 Bull Hill Lane
Orange, CT 06477

For urgent matters, questions or concerns, please click here to access the Board of Trustees’ contact information.

If you have an event that you would like to conduct on the NHIC’s premises such as Nikah, fundraising, religious activity or non religious activities, or would like to rent space, send a suggestion/ compliant, or obtain any information please send an email to INFO@NHICCT.ORG or call 203 933 5799

If you need information about admission in Saturday school, Dar AlQuran, teacher hiring, or similar, please send an email to SCHOOL@NHICCT.ORG
For Imam or Educational Director positions, please send your resume or any question and information to HR@NHICCT.ORG
If you don’t receive a response within three business days, or if you want to bring any other matter to our attention, please write an email directly to the President of the executive committee at ECP@NHICCT.ORG or to the Vice President of the executive committee at ECVP@NHICCT.ORG


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